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Cultivate. Grow. Harvest.

Welcome to Gong-Ji Farm! Where does the name 'Gong-Ji' come from? This name was inspired by many sources, let us explain.  Cannabis has been traced to have originated in ancient China. The word Gōngji itself is Mandarin for Rooster.  The slang term for this divine herb in Spanish is "Gallo" which also means Rooster, we felt it fitting. Interestingly enough we later found out that, the Chinese have a traditional calendar in which each year is represented by a sign(animal) and an element that combine and reoccur only every 60 years, and on our founding year of 2017 it happened to be the year of the Fire Rooster! Lastly, as an interesting tid-bit; "Gong", was nickname to the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and "Jr. Gong" is a title associated with one of his also famous singer son's Damian Marley which both are also well known for advocating in the Cannabis community.

Southern Oregon is our home. We grew up on this land. Played on this land as kids, cultivated this land, and now she is giving us some of the best quality Ganja in our region. We believe in growing naturally, free of toxins and pesticides, and at the same time honoring the land that allows us to do that. 

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